Best-In-Class Supplier

It’s easy to say “best-in-class” but a lot more difficult to actually live up to that. Imag has been delivering the highest quality transformers, inductors, assemblies and power suppliers for more than 40 years. At the very center of our success over the years is our focus on you, the customer. Our driving philosophy is summarized in CATER … Customers Are the Entire Reason.

State-of-the-art Technology & Systems

Imag has a fully networked computer system controlling Production, Scheduling, Material Requirements (MRP), Tracking, Quality, Purchasing Engineering Design, CAD, Expedites, and Calibration. You name it and our computer system is tracking its progress. We have completely revamped our facility to work effectively with Just-in-Time, Kanban, Flow program and others.


With more than 1000,000 combined square feet of job shop production facilities across the globe, Imag is equipped to manufacture your components efficiently and cost-effectively. With a professional engineering staff who provides custom design capabilities for customers, there are few challenges we can’t overcome. This in-house expertise leads to streamlined decision making and support of our clients.


With over 100,000 combined square feet of job shop production facilities across the globe, Imag is equipped to manufacture components efficiently and cost-effectively. Our multiple locations provide 80 percent production redundancy so orders are completed on-time. Our outstanding quality rating of under 250 PPM is an industry leader for custom made-to-order products.

Custom Transformers Inductors and Coils

Hobart Electronics and Imag are leading providers of custom Transformers, Inductors, and Chokes, and together have delivered over 60 years of combined Electrical Engineering Design support.

Jointly we produce and design linear, high frequency switch-mode transformers, inductors and coils with product ranges from 1VA to 10KVA. Our products are used in low profile power supply applications in many market segments including, Medical, Power, Audio, Vending, Renewable Energy, Semi-Conductor Equipment and Industrial Controls.