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Hobart Electronics - Transformer Manufacturer About Imag Limited Company

Effective March 1, 2015, Hobart Electronics acquired Imag creating a merger of best practices, top talent, capacity and capabilities.  Imag will continue to operate from its current facilities in Arizona and Nogales.

Hobart Electronics and Imag together are a custom transformer manufacturer that will design and supply the exact magnetic component you envision necessary for your equipment. If you have an existing device that you wish to change, we can help you redesign it to meet your new requirements, or Imag can produce your transformer from a variety of other information that you have readily available.

We can work from a full engineering specification, a sample part that you may wish to duplicate, or from information that you supply  to our engineering department describing what you wish to accomplish with your design. We invite you to call Imag and speak to our design group regarding any technical question or information that you may have for a potential design.

Hobart Electronics and Imag are ready to supply your company with a competitive quote on any of your current or planned designs. Please contact us directly for additional information if we can be of service to your company. We will gladly direct you to the person in our organization that can best handle your inquiry in a professional and timely manner.

Management Team

Our team of managers is ready to assist you with any design or application question you might have.

The Imag Difference

Click here for a detailed explanation of our value-added methods and how they save you both money and time.

Industries Served

As a custom transformer manufacturer, Hobart Electronics and Imag serve a wide array of industries. Our goal is to cross serve as many industries as possible giving you, our customer, a more stable and reliable supplier. We serve Medical Equipment, Industrial Controls, Security, Automotive, Power and Computer industries. Click here to learn more about the industries we serve.